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Les chansons traditionnelles font parfois référence à des évènements historiques.

Il peut s'agir de racontards ou de dénonciations...

18 Powerful Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

I was talking with a friend recently, and she was telling me how, during the winter time, when she would go to the gym, the place would be so empty, with only a few people, and how, when spring came, with summer also approaching, the place starting getting so crowded, and there were days when you just couldnt stretch your arms without hitting somebody, and it would be impossible for you to exercise and enjoy your time there.

[18 Powerful Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity]

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The Art of Motivating Employees

Could a simple five-minute interaction with another person dramatically increase your weekly productivity?In some employment environments, the answer is yes, according to Wharton management professor Adam Grant. Grant has devoted significant chunks of his professional career to examining what motivates workers in settings that range from call centers and mail-order pharmacies to swimming pool lifeguard squads.

[The Art of Motivating Employees]

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2500 Years Old Wisdom

I really dont know how I have encountered this book which is said to be the second most translated book in the world after the Bible, but what I can tell you is that I was speechless after reading it. The Tao Te Ching is comprised from 81 verses and it was written by Lao Tzu. Nothing certain is known about this amazing men whose name means The Ancient Master.

[2500 Years Old Wisdom]

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Emotional Patterns and Health

Pay attention to the words you use to describe conditions they reveal the link between body, mind, and spirit. Is a situation at work giving you a pain in the neck? Are you having trouble digesting an idea?

[Emotional Patterns and Health]

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7 Essential Books on Optimism

Every once in a while, we all get burned out. Sometimes, charred. And while a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism may help us get by, its in those times that we need nothing more than to embrace lifes promise of positivity with open arms. Here are seven wonderful books that help do just that with an arsenal ranging from the light visceral stimulation of optimistic design to the serious neuroscience findings about our proclivity for the positive.

[7 Essential Books on Optimism]

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