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L'amour occupe une place de choix dans la chanson traditionnelle.

How to Be Happy: The Fine Print

Most of us want to be happy and stay that way, and research from positive psychology has shown that making a habit of certain day-to-day activities -- like expressing gratitude, exercising, or performing acts of kindness -- can help us get there. But few researchers have considered how to identify an activity thats best suited to your particular personality and lifestyle. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, started to explore these questions ...

[How to Be Happy: The Fine Print]

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The Importance of Imagination

While growing up, Id never really considered how important it is to be imaginative. Its a childhood profession, you could say. It comes naturally. Then we hit an age when were presented with a scantron of bubble-in options, a template for a CV that we need to create, and Excel. At that point, our learning has to fit into certain parameters: within that little bubble, within the one page limit, and within a tiny digital graph. So, what happens to our imagination?It seems to fade.

[The Importance of Imagination]

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Dont Look Back With Regrets

As some of you might remember, not too long ago I have written a post on letting go of attachment , asking those of you who had a story on how they manage to let go of something they were attached to, something that was keeping them stuck, stressed, unhappy, and so on, and how that changed their lives, send it to us, and the story which was found the most interesting would later be published.

[Dont Look Back With Regrets]

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Emotional Patterns and Health

Pay attention to the words you use to describe conditions they reveal the link between body, mind, and spirit. Is a situation at work giving you a pain in the neck? Are you having trouble digesting an idea?

[Emotional Patterns and Health]

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Three Qualifications for the New Politician

There are plenty of politicians who genuinely desire to serve their communities and nations with humility and integrity, dedicating their lives to the cultivation of a wisdom that will benefit society at large; sadly, they are a minority.

[Three Qualifications for the New Politician]

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